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3rd Generation EFO iPazzPort HTPC Remote Comes With A Handful Of New Tricks

EFO iPazzPort HTPC Remote (Images courtesy EFO)
By Andrew Liszewski

Last October we had a brief hands-on with what I believe was the original version of this EFO HTPC remote that combines a touch pad with a compact Blackberry-esque keypad in a remarkably light package. But here we are less than a year later and the third generation of this remote has already been unveiled. Besides the obvious slightly more ergonomic curved layout of the keys, the EFO iPazzPort now includes a laser pointer making it more useful in the world of corporate presentations, F1 to F12 function keys, multimedia playback keys including play, pause, next track etc. and a smaller USB dongle. The original version was around $40 but I believe generation 3 is a bit more at $45, but still, a surprisingly useful little device for the price.

[ EFO iPazzPort HTPC Remote ] VIA [ The Gadgeteer ]

  • Tim Warren

    I have the second generation remote and love it, i kinda wish i waited for this one though it looks a lot better than mine.