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The Smoking Gun

The Smoking Gun

The Smoking Gun (Images courtesy Williams-Sonoma)
By Andrew Liszewski

If you’re convinced it’s “the wood that makes it good” when it comes to cooking, your kitchen won’t be complete without this cleverly named infuser called ‘The Smoking Gun’. Instead of a giant smoking oven in your backyard that requires a constant supply of chopped wood and a heaping helping of patience, the Smoking Gun has a compact anodized aluminum smoking chamber that only requires a small pinch of whatever wood flavor you’re trying to infuse. The smoke that’s emitted is apparently ‘cool’ so that it doesn’t affect the texture or temperature of the food you’re smoking, and while it can easily be used with one hand, it also comes with an 18-inch extender hose so you can infuse an entire pot of food for longer periods. $99.95 from Williams-Sonoma.

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