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Steak Station Monitors Four Steaks At Once (Or One Massive Heart Stopper)

Steak Station (Image courtesy Amazon)
By Andrew Liszewski

Never suffer through an overcooked or undercooked steak again with this Steak Station thermometer. Its biggest claim to fame is the fact that it comes with four separate probes for keeping tabs on four steaks at once, or a single massive slab of meat that covers your entire grill surface. I also like that instead of showing the internal measured temperature, the Steak Station has an easy to understand LCD display showing whether a steak is rare, medium, well done or somewhere in between. $22.50 from Amazon.

[ Steak Station ] VIA [ The Green Head ]

  • Jonnydark


    I just wanted to comment on your blog… Ever since i discovered it i've loved going through the archives finding all the weird “tech” stuff you've found. Your team has an hilarous sense of humor about these things. I think it would be easy to become cynical with all the wii “junk” and other things. Thanks for this blog… it brightens my day!