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ANYWAY Spray Bottle Works At Any Angle

ANYWAY Spray Bottle Works At Any Angle

ANYWAY Spray Bottle (Image courtesy Michael Pritchard)
By Andrew Liszewski

I’m often as blown away by the simplest innovations as I am by the most complicated of technologies. And the ANYWAY spray bottle falls into that former category, with gusto. I know in the big picture the issue of spray bottles not working upside down or at odd angles really isn’t something worth complaining about, but deep down I’m quite happy someone has found a solution.

The problem with traditional spray bottles is that the dip tube only has a single hole at the bottom, so if the liquid levels are low and the bottom of the tube isn’t submerged, it ceases to function. But the ANYWAY spray dip tube has a hydrophilic membrane (which attracts liquids) with millions of tiny holes along its length, so as long as any part of the tube is touching the liquid in the bottle, it will work properly. The best part of this innovation is that it doesn’t require a complete redesign of spray bottles either, so it shouldn’t be that difficult to use the new tubes if a company decides to license the technology, and hopefully they all will!

[ ANYWAY Spray Bottle ] VIA [ BBC Dragon’s Den ]

  • Ranjan Abraham

    Ditto, the simplest innovations often amaze me the most too.

  • Franco1975

    About time someone invented this. Hope they make lots of money!!

  • msisaac

    It would be much more effective if the tube was shaped better. Right now, it's just the regular straight tube in the middle of the bottle. It should be coiled or shaped so that it touches the sides of the bottle all the way down to the bottom. That way you would be guaranteed to get every last drop out of the bottle no matter what angle it's at. With the single straight tube, you could still end up with a number of angles that wouldn't work when the level of fluid gets a little too low.

  • Rob