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Color Changing Orb Alarm Clock

Color Changing Orb Alarm Clock (Image courtesy
By Andrew Liszewski

Borrowing some design and functionality cues from Philips’ LivingColor lighting systems, the Orb alarm clock features a clear acrylic design with a delicious glowing center that cycles through a rainbow of colors, supposedly helping you drift off to sleep easier. There’s also your standard LCD display slapped on the front that includes the time and temperature (it would be cool if that were tied into the color of the light) and if the sound of the standard alarm clock shriek is too unnerving for you, you also have the choice of six different soothing sounds to wake up to including ‘rolling waves’, ‘dawn on the farm’ and ‘morning chorus’. ~$20 (£12.49) from

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  • Franco1975

    Very cool.