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Oshikko Inu Wind-Up Walking Dog Toy That’s Never Been House Trained

Oshikko Inu Wind-Up Walking Dog (Image courtesy Strapya World)
By Andrew Liszewski

So apparently in Japan there’s a market for small wind-up walking dog toys that you have to clean up after. Because that’s exactly what this Oshikko Inu toy does. And it’s not like it just drips water either while it wanders around, every so often it will stop, deliberately lift its leg, and let loose, as seen in this video of it in action.

I guess if people are willing to buy dolls that ‘wet the bed’ small plastic dogs are not that much of a stretch. And if cleaning up faux urine is your thing, you can pick one up from Strapya World in brown, black or white for $15.30 each.

Also, to whoever cooked up that product shot, I’ve got two words for you. Foot & model. They’re real, and there’s a reason they exist.

[ Oshikko Inu ] VIA [ TOKYOMANGO ]

  • adamshegrud

    Yeah this productproduct shot deserves two WTF's way up!

  • msisaac

    $15.30 for fake urine? Pfff, whatever, Japan! My dog gives me REAL urine for FREE!