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Coway AP-1008 Air Purifier With Color Changing Pollution Indicator Light

Coway AP-1008 Air Purifier (Image courtesy Coway)
By Andrew Liszewski

Besides a slick form factor that won it a red dot design award and a 3-stage Hepa filtration system which removes 99.5% of airborne particles including germs and dust, the Coway AP-1008 features an illuminated hole that will glow a specific color depending on how polluted the room happens to be. Red indicates high levels of pollution, light purple for medium pollution, purple for low pollution and blue signifies the room is 99.5% clean. Of course that last 0.5% of air pollution could very well contain those microscopic bits that eventually get you, but for $279.99 you’re greatly increasing your odds of not getting sick.

[ Coway AP-1008 Air Purifier ] VIA [ 7Gadgets ]

  • BankaiGod

    Thats pretty cool…but this is just some meaningless necessity that no one really needs + its pricey…other than that cooL!

  • Kathy – Air Purifier Review

    You could get the Coway – but why not just save some money and get the idyliss – its basically the same components but looks a bit more boring.