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Turn Your iPad Into A Kitchen Computer With the FridgePad Stand

By Chris Scott Barr

The iPad is a useful device, what with that nice big touchscreen and all. One place it can come in handy is your kitchen. Imagine not needing to print off (or write down) recipes for your favorite meals. Just set down your iPad, and open up an app that has them all listed. But you don’t want to just leave your iPad sitting on the counter, it could get in the way, and might be harder to read that way. Instead, you could just simply mount it to your fridge.

The Woodford FridgePad is exactly the kind of iPad stand that you need to mount your iPad to your fridge. Since it relies on a few magnets to keep itself in place, you can just as easily mount it to anything made of metal this way. Look for it on sale in the next couple of months for around $75.

[ Woodford ] VIA [ CrunchGear ]