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Move Over Wireframe Lamborghini, You’ve Just Been Trumped By This Wireframe Motorcycle With Sidecar

Wireframe Chiangjiang 750 Motorcycle (Images courtesy Hell For Leather)
By Andrew Liszewski

And to think, a few months ago I thought this wireframe Lamborghini Koenig Countach was impressive. Well by it’s own right it is, but comparing it to this wireframe Chiangjiang 750 motorcycle, created by artist Shi Jindian, is like comparing computer graphics from the 1980’s to what modern 3D packages are capable of today. It was apparently created in a process where the artist crochets steel wire around an object and then destroys and removes it from the inside, kind of like popping a balloon inside a home-made piñata. Now how he did that with an actual motorcycle is beyond me, but the results are certainly impressive.

[ White Rabbit Gallery – Shi Jindian ] VIA [ Hell For Leather ]

  • Nikkita Croix

    I just saw someone driving the inside of one of these, they had two little dogs sitting in the sidecar are were on their way to the dog park. I think that it was a different model of motorcycle.

  • smithjohnson159

    Thats crazy! It must have taken a very long time to construct that.

  • ma_baker

    Now that's the kind of 'arts & crafts' I can enjoy. The method described by Andrew sounds too difficult to apply to this project, but who knows how this was made…

  • Franco1975

    Coolests thing I've seen this year.

  • Modern Furniture

    Wow that was awesome! Any road tests?