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Announcing The Winner Of The Warpia Wireless USB A/V Adapter Set!

By Chris Scott Barr

Last month we promised to give one of our lucky readers a Warpia Wireless USB A/V Adapter Set. The catch was that we would be selecting a random comment on a random article between that day and the 31st of July. The random number gods selected this article, and a coin toss on the comments left sario27 as the winner of the prize. Congratulations go out to him (or her)!

We’ll be doing more of these contests in the future, as we like to reward our readers that also enjoy participating in the comments. Stay tuned for more free stuff!

[ Warpia ]


3 responses to “Announcing The Winner Of The Warpia Wireless USB A/V Adapter Set!”

  1. sario27 says:

    Hey that's me! πŸ™‚

  2. ma_baker says:

    How Β΄bout some love for the non-US followers of OhGizmo? I want to enter too.

  3. congrats sario, i figured it would be you are me πŸ™‚