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BottleBob Bottle Cap Punch Puts A Straw Hole Anywhere

BottleBob Bottle Cap Punch (Images courtesy Epaulet)
By Andrew Liszewski

Besides blowing your friends’ minds with your ability to jam a straw through a metal or plastic bottle cap, this BottleBob punch should also stop that nasty habit straws have of floating up and out of a bottle filled with a carbonated beverage. Using it is as easy as placing the punch on top of any bottle and jamming down the plunger to pierce a perfect straw-sized hole in the cap, but I have to wonder where that small disc of metal or plastic ends up afterwards? $21 available from Epaulet, and I assume it’s also good for emergency tracheotomies.

[ BottleBob Bottle Cap Punch ] VIA [ bad banana blog ]

  • sario27

    Another random thing I must own to have in my kitchen just in-case! Although 21 dollars is a random price tag, why not the normal 19.95? I'd even settle for 19.99.