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The Kindle Just Got Smaller, Cheaper

The Kindle Just Got Smaller, Cheaper

By Chris Scott Barr

Still sitting on the fence about e-readers? It’s an understandable position to be in, as there are a number of pros and cons for the devices. However, if price has been stopping you from getting a Kindle, then you might be ready to take that leap. Amazon has announced the latest in their lineup, which is smaller and cheaper.

The new Wi-Fi only model is 21 percent smaller and 15 percent lighter than its predecessor. In addition to having a new body, the device even has an updated e-ink screen, which boasts better contrast fore easier reading. Of course the best feature is no doubt the $139 price. If you’ve been holding out for a better deal, you won’t do much better than this.

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  • sario27

    I will admit the price has kept me away for awhile now, but honestly that wasn't the only reason. I just don't think I would use it as much, I mostly find my self listening to audio books or using my iPhone now that it has the iBooks app.

  • led signs

    I saw lots e book expensive than ppc .PPC would be better when i use .