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Wise Hammer Has A Built-in Stud Sensor

Wise Hammer Has A Built-in Stud Sensor

Wise Hammer (Image courtesy Axis Sourcing)
By Andrew Liszewski

As if a claw hammer wasn’t already enough of a multi-tasker with its ability to drive in and rip out nails, the Wise Hammer takes things one step further with a stud sensor built into the base of the handle. A simple green LED lets you know when a stud is detected, and a small marking nub allows you to mark its location on the wall so you know exactly where to drive your nail. $29.99 available on the Wise Hammer website.

[ Wise Hammer ] VIA [ The Red Ferret Journal ]

  • BankaiGod

    Whoa ho ho! will it detect this stud when i hold it!

  • Ranjan Abraham

    What a clever combination. I wonder if it is as practical as it seems.

  • Franco1975

    Very smart. This stud likes the stud finder hammer.

  • sario27

    Very convenient, I'm all about the all-in-one mentality we have today. I wonder what else they will come up with.