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V-Swing Video Recorder

V-Swing Video Recorder

V-Swing (Image courtesy V-Swing)
By Andrew Liszewski

It doesn’t do much more than your average flash based camcorder, but the V-Swing does have a few features aimed at golfers looking to hone their game. The most obvious is the War Of The Worlds-esque gooseneck-mounted camera that can be bent in all directions and rotated up to 270 degrees. That coupled with a 170 degree wide angle lens means you should have no trouble capturing your swing with this thing mounted to your golf cart or bag. It’s also claimed to have high speed frame rate capabilities allowing you to step through and analyze your swing in slow motion, but a closer look at the specs shows it maxes out around 50fps. So I’m going to assume it’s got a fast electronic shutter to keep blurring to a minimum.

The 60MB of built-in memory is essentially useless for doing any kind of video recording, so you’ll want to factor in the price of a large SDHC card if you intend to actually capture anything, but a 32GB card should hold up to 12 hours of 640×480 VGA video. The rechargeable lithium polymer battery is rated for 5+ hours, though I’m not sure if that’s with the 3.5-inch TFT LCD display turned on. However, it looks like Amazon is carrying it for $349.95, and at that price (and cheaper) you can pick up one of Casio’s EXILIM digital cameras that are capable of capturing up to 120fps at VGA resolutions, and even more if you don’t mind a drop in resolution.

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6 responses to “V-Swing Video Recorder”

  1. 50fps isn't high-speed; we're probably talking about algorithms that defeat the appearance of blurring by means of morphing technology that extrapolates information between actual frames.

    While that could work for analyzing your golf swing, for any applications that really require high speed video it approaches uselessness, because you really do NEED the information in the hundreds or thousands of frames per second REAL high-speed video cameras capture that this device won't.

  2. i know what my dads getting for xmas

  3. sario27 says:

    Now for 349.95 it should track your ball after you swing. Ah who am I kidding, since when have we ever gotten something that is really worth our money. I'd have to pass on this, and just keep believing I swing like Tiger Woods every time. I'd hate to loose that confidence booster anyways.

  4. sario27 says:

    I believe that is why this called “V-Swing Video Golf Swing Recorder” and not the “V-Swing Video Golf Swing High Speed Recorder”. Just my thought though..

  5. CCTV DVR says:

    The camera itself is 2 Megapixels, and features an excellent macro mode to capture tiny details and the smallest text from as close as 2 inches (5 cm) away. The camera can be toggled between single-click autofocus—ideal for a subject that stays at one distance, like a stationary sheet of paper—or continuous autofocus, which is best for hands-on demonstrations when the subject is moving.

  6. I was just continuing the thought of the original reviewer of the device, that the video's a lot smoother than you'd expect from a 50fps sample.