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Sound Activated Drum Light

Sound Activated Drum Light

Sound Activated Drum Light (Images courtesy
By Andrew Liszewski

The touch activated lamp reaches its logical conclusion with this glowing snare drum that will only turn on when it hears the sound of the drum itself. So while it’s technically sound activated, you still have to touch the drum in order to turn it on. It’s smart enough to ignore claps and other loud sounds, but the video included below doesn’t show what would happen if you played a drum roll instead of just tapping it. And if you’re looking at this lamp and thinking to yourself: “hmmm… this looks suspiciously like an art piece and therefor probably costs a small fortune” you’d be absolutely right. $850 is what you’ll need to add this to your decor, not including shipping since they’re made to order in New Zealand.

[ Sound Activated Drum Light ] VIA [ Apartment Therapy Unplggd ]


One response to “Sound Activated Drum Light”

  1. sario27 says:

    Not so sure if this is entirely worth it. I mean if it supposedly only activates when it hears the drum hit. How are you so sure it is really sound activated. I mean to prove that is activated by the sound of a drum they should show a video where another drum sitting next to it is hit.. For 850 I'd wanna make sure I'm paying for the sound activating light.