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Apple’s Magic Trackpad Finally Arrives

Apple’s Magic Trackpad Finally Arrives

Apple Magic Trackpad (Image courtesy Apple)
By Andrew Liszewski

It didn’t arrive with much fanfare, but Apple’s Magic Trackpad is finally available from their online store for $69. For those of you who use a MacBook, the Magic Trackpad basically gives you the same multitouch and swipe functionality as their built-in trackpad, but for desktop systems. It connects via Bluetooth like Apple’s wireless keyboard and is roughly the same size (80% larger than the MacBook’s trackpad) so it will almost look like an extension of your aluminum keyboard when sitting on your desk. Out of the way Magic Mouse!

[ Apple Magic Trackpad ]

  • UK Dedicated servers

    Good features and functionality only apple can provide it at so much affordable prices.

  • Walid Damouny

    I thought of this idea before but I thought it will fail. Now that I have seen it materialize I think it is cool. What makes it cool is the execution of the idea. It is minimal and completely toned down. Even though it will be on your desktop you will not feel it is there because of its toned down appearance until you reach for it.

  • sario27

    I think I know what I want