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Novation Dicer Cue Point And Loop Controller

Novation Dicer Cue Point And Loop Controller

Novation Dicer (Images courtesy Novation)
By Andrew Liszewski

The ‘dice’ analogy is a bit of a stretch, but that doesn’t hinder the Dicer from Novation from being a useful tool for DJs who’ve incorporated a laptop into their routines. As far as I can tell it’s basically a MIDI controller specifically designed for triggering cue points and loops, but the unique design allows it to be mounted on a laptop or on the corner of a turntable for easy access. The Dicer will glow in different colors depending on what mode it’s in, so it’s easy to tell in a dark club, and it’s designed to work with DJ software like Serato Scratch Live or Traktor Scratch Pro. $99 for a set of two, software not included.

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One response to “Novation Dicer Cue Point And Loop Controller”

  1. sario27 says:

    I've always wanted to give DJ'ing a try. I mean I like music I like mixes, the only thing really missing is that I don't really know how.. I wonder if there is like a school for DJ'ing.. That's something to look into. Either way though for the DJ's already out there I'd assume this can be a pretty handy tool to have.