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BEARINGS GLOCKEN Musical Instrument – Does Anyone Remember Animusic?

BEARINGS GLOCKEN Musical Instrument (Images courtesy Talk System)
By Andrew Liszewski

Does anybody remember that Animusic animation that ATI used to demo their RADEON 9700 cards? Like way back in 2002? Well here’s an incredibly simple, though real-life version, that uses ball bearings to play a glockenspiel, or for all intents and purposes, a xylophone. The various ‘keys’ are arranged in a cascading staircase so that the ball bearings bounce from one to the next after they’re dropped. The music was specifically composed to complement the rhythm and limited playing capabilities of ball bearings and gravity, but the results, as you can see and hear in the video below, are still quite impressive.

[ BEARINGS GLOCKEN Musical Instrument ] VIA [ PSFK ]

  • sario27

    That is very IMPRESSIVE! Now where do I find the instructions on how to build my own.

  • Ranjan Abraham

    Cool, but pointless.
    Oh who am I kidding! I was giggling like a little kid for 1min 50s. How Awesome was that. It is seriously impressive what physics and a bit of mechanical ingenuity can accomplish!