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Win An IDAPT i3 Universal Desktop Charger!

Win An IDAPT i3 Universal Desktop Charger!

By Chris Scott Barr

In this world of gadgets and gizmos, sometimes it’s hard to keep track of chargers for everything. If this is a problem you’re all too familiar with, then you need to get your hands on an IDAPT i3 Universal Desktop Charger. This allows you to charge up to three different devices at the same time, and is compatible with most gadgets including your iPod, Nintendo DS, Sony PSP, Blackberry phones and more. Since we know that you guys love your gadgets, we’re going to give you the chance to win one this week.

The usual rules apply here. If you’re in the US, just drop a comment below and I’ll select a winner at random this time next week. Good luck!



54 responses to “Win An IDAPT i3 Universal Desktop Charger!”

  1. 3cece says:

    looks great … Just what I need!!

  2. Nenriel says:

    Oh I could definitely use this..

  3. relawson says:

    that is pretty cool!

  4. billykent1972 says:

    Sweet!!! I will adapt to the idapt as soon as I'm snapped up as the winner and it is wrapped up and the mail man has tapped on my door.

  5. Pick me!!! THIS IS AWESOME!

  6. BankaiGod says:

    Whoa! Sweet No more CHARGERS!! well except for just this one….Good Luck to everyone!

  7. marechek33 says:

    this could be interesting to try out

  8. esteban5534 says:

    I love fish tacos!!!

  9. ryanscott6 says:


  10. cpp6085 says:

    OK, so the whole “i-whatever” product name trend is super annoying to me already, and this just seems ridiculous. Not only did Idapt deem it necessary to butcher a perfectly good word to name make their company name sound a little trendy, albeit a trend iHope dies really soon, their whole product line is all “iX” names. Lame. Recently, I've seen the iCub plane, iBallz iPad stabilizer (put these ballz on it, so you know it will last), iLuv, iClooly, iBlah iBlah iBlah. It'd be nice to see some originality at some point…

  11. jason says:

    Ooooh….so need…..for office……desk! lol

  12. sario27 says:

    Interesting device, I've never really had the problem of being unorganized.. Some call me OCD…

  13. macayn says:

    Yay, no more tangled-cord-rat-nest-spaghetti-monster-thing!!!

  14. macayn says:

    Yay, no more tangled-cord-rat-nest-spaghetti-monster-thing!!!

  15. terrypescosolido says:

    It would be great to get rid of a bunch of tangled wires…

  16. akjack says:

    I would IDAPT to the product very well. (I like bad puns)

  17. TangledMess says:

    I am universally inept at keeping things charged. As a result, my desk sounds like crickets at night with everything beeping “feed me more power”. I could easily solve the problem by plugging in everything – but I would need a power strip about three feet long to handle all the dedicated chargers.

  18. atlcog says:

    Oh, pick me, pick me!

  19. mikelietz says:


  20. mandarea says:

    This would look great on my dresser!!

  21. Scott Ready says:

    That's awesome, like a PowerMat. Except with this thing i wouldn't feel like i was bent over the table by a sales guy to get it….especially if it was free πŸ™‚

  22. Austinkir says:

    This could be rather nice….

  23. i'm not sure what possibe use i could have for this, but i want it all the same.

  24. AK210 says:

    dropping a comment

  25. ns3791 says:

    please please please be the lucky numer “fingers crossed”

  26. joshuartaylor says:


    This would be rad.

  27. edboogie says:

    Nice device. Can they add an attachment to connect to me ?

  28. StratMan9000 says:

    Want! This is exactly what I need.

  29. Johnnymac4242 says:

    This would make my life much simpler. I always forget to charge at least one device. πŸ™

  30. Hope the ports are strong enough to keep the devices vertical without breakage πŸ˜€

  31. mrheist says:

    Looks like an interesting concept

  32. jspetrino says:

    this would keep well on my desk

  33. jspetrino says:

    this would keep well on my desk…

  34. Robert Kelly says:

    Great charging unit for the Uber Geek that like gadgets …. and who doesnt??

  35. alexjagendorf says:

    Orange Battery on the iPhone?!

  36. i've got a power strip that perpetually travels in my bag to enable me to charge all my devices.. this will be a welcome change..

  37. Loramora says:

    Sounds cool!

  38. Chris Cowles says:

    this may make the cut for nightstand placement, as long as my wife finds it more attractive than my current setup. she hates wires.

  39. bebe211 says:

    cool, now my mess of cables on my floor can be reduced

  40. methodicjon says:

    Yes, please!

  41. methodicjon says:

    Yes, please!

  42. jayseedub says:

    I am ALL ABOUT this! Thanks!

  43. Jon Will says:

    Love things that cut down on the number of cords running all over my house.

  44. ryanj983 says:

    Cool gizmo!

  45. miltrucker says:

    Throwing my hat in the ring.

  46. saberwolf says:

    I wish you could get this thing with just micro and mini usb jacks

  47. saberwolf says:

    I wish you could get this thing with just mini and micro usb jacks

  48. tbj5 says:

    I've had to buy three DS chargers from losing them so often. A big “universal” one would be swell.