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iSafe Bags Have A Deafening Secret Weapon

iSafe Bags Have A Deafening Secret Weapon

iSafe Bags (Images courtesy iSafe)
By Andrew Liszewski

Those handheld personal security alarms aren’t a bad idea if you often find yourself in sketchy areas, but if they’re not easily accessible – ie buried in the bottom of your bag or accidentally forgotten at the office again, they’re pretty much useless. So these iSafe Bags solve that problem by simply turning the bag itself into the actual alarm. They’re available in a wide variety of styles for everyone from kids to college students to even business types, and they each feature a strap that when pulled sounds an alarm that’s louder than a car alarm, and triggers a hidden flashing light.

On a set of 2×9-volt batteries the iSafe bags can continuously sound the alarm for up to 2 hours, making them useful for emergency situations like getting lost when hiking, and an interval mode will keep it running for even longer. The bags start at $59.99 for a kid’s backpack, and range in price up to $89.98 for a laptop-friendly messenger bag. And the company even has a policy whereby they’ll replace your bag when it becomes old and unsightly with a new one for up to 50% off the original price. (The replacement bags basically don’t come with the alarm system, and require you to transfer it from your old bag.)

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3 responses to “iSafe Bags Have A Deafening Secret Weapon”

  1. sario27 says:

    and for not a bad price tag. I'd just hate to accidentally set it off in a small public room..

  2. Actually this is a great feature for women's purses i think. Nothing turns a rapist off like a car alarm at point blank. Geez, but imagine how annoying these could get at clubs….

  3. heftmachine says:

    WOW are you people kidding me??? This is ridiculous……save the cash and spring for pepper spray/mace and as far as the little kids backpack a stupid flashing light and alarm is not going to do a dang thing! Just in case you people forgot kids dont have their backpack on all day at school, but if you want to waste you money on something that is useless than that is your choice. I guess people will buy anything theses days.
    A man with common sense!