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Disappear From Your Videos Using This Green Screen Suit

Disappear From Your Videos Using This Green Screen Suit

By Chris Scott Barr

Turning invisible is one of those superpowers that would be really fun to have (yes, other than peeping in the girl’s shower room). But sadly this just isn’t something that’s humanly possible right now. Not without the help of a little Hollywood style magic and this Video Green Full Cover Suit.

The idea behind this bizarre suit is that you’ll record your scene, then use some sort of Chroma Key software to simply edit yourself out. For the would-be filmmaker, this could be a really cool thing to use. The $225 price does seem a bit high though. Surely you could make one for much cheaper.

[ TubeTape ] VIA [ Dvice ]


5 responses to “Disappear From Your Videos Using This Green Screen Suit”

  1. chilepepper says:

    I saw that edit, what do you have against the Greek? (financials aside)

  2. ChrisScottBarr says:

    Shh! You saw nothing! πŸ™‚

  3. PHDEarthworm says:

    These suits are about a dime a dozen on ebay. Probably partly due to 'It's always Sunny' and their Green Man. Do a search of green zentai, you can find them as cheap as $30 after shipping.

  4. sario27 says:

    Yeah the price is way too high for a simple suit like this though sadly enough though, during my film class days I never once thought of using one of these…

  5. Ohh, my think of all the video hijinx i could get in with this awesome kermit suit… but for the price i think a bucket of green paint would be smarter.