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OnStar’s Mobile App To Be Made Available For A Wide Range Of GM Models, Not Just The Volt

OnStar Mobile App (Images courtesy General Motors)
By Andrew Liszewski

At CES earlier this year GM showed off a new mobile application that would be available for their highly anticipated Chevy Volt that would let owners do everything from monitor the battery levels to remotely starting the engine to even pre-heating or cooling the interior to comfortable temperatures before they get in, all from the comfort of their smartphone. And while the Volt is certainly shaping up to be the vehicle of choice for gadgetophiles, it looks like the same functionality will soon be available on a wide range of 2011 vehicles from the General including Chevrolet, Cadillac, Buick and GMC.

You’ll need to have OnStar installed in your vehicle with an active subscription in order to take advantage of the app, but being able to remotely check your car’s diagnostics, or even simple things like checking the fuel level makes the OnStar service even more valuable. And even though the screenshots I’ve included show the app working on an iPhone, there’s also a matching Android version for those who’ve chosen that camp.

[ PR – OnStar Expands Mobile App Technology Availability ]

  • sario27

    Now that is something I wouldn't mind having on my current car…

  • Ranjan Abraham

    This is a very cool app/fucntion. I would love to see this on every car!