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Nelson Industrial High Flow Nozzle Makes Watering Fun

Nelson Industrial High Flow Nozzle (Image courtesy
By Andrew Liszewski

You may not be interested in gardening, but this high flow garden nozzle from Nelson Industrial should make anyone who ever dreamt about being a fireman jump at the chance to do some watering. Like with most nozzles it features an adjustable spray pattern, but it’s the large metal shut-off handle that will appeal to most people, letting you control the flow of water from a gentle shower to a raging monsoon. In fact the nozzle is claimed to provide up to 300% more water flow, which translates to 300% more plant damage if you’re not careful, which could result in 300% more getting in trouble. It’s available from Amazon for just $23.95, and all I have to say is daisies… you get to drink from the FIREHOSE!!!

[ Nelson Industrial High Flow Nozzle ] VIA [ Cool Material ]

  • sario27

    This would be fun to have around the house. Until that is the wife starts asking what happened the garden… and flower bed… and the part of the lawn you decided to test it out on.

  • Ranjan Abraham

    Thats an amazing price for such a cool….. “toy.”

  • SubHero

    That UHF(1989) reference is priceless, thank you!