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Subway Restaurants In Japan Let You Eat Extra Fresh With Hydroponic Lettuce Grown In The Store

Subway Japan (Images courtesy InventorSpot)
By Andrew Liszewski

Last week we brought you a story about how American fast food chains were having a bit of trouble in Japan, and in an attempt to attract customers, Burger King had introduced a special booth that let you listen to your own music without disturbing others. But that seems like just another cheap gimmick when compared to what Subway is doing at their Marunouchi Building restaurant across the street from Tokyo Station.

In the middle of the store is a glass enclosed hydroponics garden where lettuce is grown and harvested for the restaurant’s sandwiches. Now unfortunately the garden doesn’t produce nearly enough lettuce to fulfill the store’s daily needs, in fact it’s only about 5%, and if you want the healthier alternative on your sub it will cost you a premium too. But it’s a start, and for a company that encourages you to ‘eat fresh’ a glowing garden in the middle of their restaurant is a far better mascot than a clown, colonel or a king.

[ PR – Subway Japan ] VIA [ InventorSpot ]

  • Franco1975

    I love this idea. I hope the idea owner[ idea owner?] got a promotion for this.

  • Ranjan Abraham

    this seems a little ridiculous, but i guess is the effort that will please the health nuts

  • joh

    how to apply as a sandwich artist??