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Robotic ChouChou Butterfly Is Surprisingly Realistic

Robotic ChouChou Butterfly Is Surprisingly Realistic

By Andrew Liszewski

Normally we’ll stick a video of something near the end of a post, but this time it’s coming first since you really can’t appreciate this robotic ChouChou Butterfly without seeing it in action.

ChouChou Butterfly (Image courtesy the Japan Trend Shop)

It’s eerily realistic, particularly if you ever had a jar with a caterpillar inside that did the whole the metamorphisis thing. But you can enjoy this imprisoned butterfly for as long as you want, without ever feeling guilty about not letting it fly free. Available from the Japan Trend Shop for $75 starting September 1.

[ ChouChou Butterfly ]


3 responses to “Robotic ChouChou Butterfly Is Surprisingly Realistic”

  1. Franco1975 says:

    I find it so odd that to demonstrate the butterfly flying, they kept it in a jar instead of it free flying in a room. I bet there were no air holes on the lid either….:(

  2. Is there nothing Japan can't turn in to a robot?