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Odegon Iron-On Tags Filter Out Body Odor

Odegon Iron-On Tags Filter Out Body Odor

Odegon Iron-On Tags (Images courtesy Odegon Technologies)
By Andrew Liszewski

The technology behind these body odor eating iron-on tags was apparently originally developed for the military to protect them against nerve gas and other chemical agents, but it’s now made its way to the general consumer, protecting them and those around them from the embarrassment of B.O.

Their ‘secret ingredient’ is a piece of “activated nano-porous material that captures and stores the molecules that cause body odor” and what’s particularly cool is that unlike deodorant, it will keep working forever. They’re completely washing machine safe too, as long as the water doesn’t get above 40°C, though the company behind them, Odegon, suggests having the garment dry cleaned every 15 washes to get rid of laundry soap residue that may build up and to regenerate the tag’s odor adsorbing properties. A 6-pack of the tags, which covers 3 shirts, is available from the Odegon website for just over $18. (£11.95)

[ Odegon Iron-On Tags ] VIA [ Gizmag ]


One response to “Odegon Iron-On Tags Filter Out Body Odor”

  1. Oh, i know what my cousin is getting for christmas… if it can stop nerve gas, it might just work for him.