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Jackpot Slots iPhone Dock Touted As One Of The World’s First ‘Appcessories’

Jackpot Slots iPhone Dock Touted As One Of The World’s First ‘Appcessories’

Jackpot Slots iPhone Dock (Images courtesy Cult of Mac)
By Andrew Liszewski

In what is easily the best use of the iPhone/iPod Touch’s hardware interface to date, New Potato Technologies has created a dock, which they refer to as an ‘appcessory’, that turns your phone or MP3 player into a miniature one-armed bandit. While the Jackpot Slots dock will set you back $39.99, the accompanying app is a free download from the App Store. It includes realistic graphics and sounds, online play letting you compete in tournaments around the world, and even the chance to win a trip to Las Vegas after you’ve earned 50,000 credits playing the game.

[ Jackpot Slots ] VIA [ Cult of Mac & Wired Gadget Lab ]

  • jason

    This is the only thing that has made me want an iphone…..too sweet.

  • Dsmoov

    If you win the prize is an iphone 4 that actually works!!!!!!!

  • Ranjan Abraham

    for the gambler on the go!

  • sario27

    Finally something productive to do at work and look cool while doing it… Just curious though.. Since Gambling is illegal in the state I live in, would I be breaking the law…. oh man I set up a make shift mini casino in my basement with this “appcessory” buy a bunch of these and open it up to anyone who has an iphone. Charge like 10 bucks for entry… I'm either gonna be very rich or in jail.. either way I'm sure it will be worth it when I'm sharing a cell with a man that killed a couple of people.