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HT CD-100 Euro Counterfeit Bill Detector

HT CD-100 Euro Counterfeit Bill Detector

HT CD-100 Euro Detector (Image courtesy Respective Owner)
By Andrew Liszewski

Instead of just passing a black light over the bill to illuminate its anti-counterfeiting features, the HT CD-100 Euro Detector goes the extra mile by detecting the thickness, density and the ink used to determine if the bill is real or not. It looks like using it is as easy as sticking a note face up into the device and pulling it through, and it’s able to test all denominations of both U.S. and Euro currencies. A set of lights glow red or green to let you know if the bill fails or passes, though it would be nice to have a more specific indication of why exactly a bill failed if it was fake. Interestingly enough the site mentions that the detector “does not check out the North Korean version of Super fake U.S. dollars” so if you were hoping to pick one up I’d recommend paying* with those.

[ HT CD-100 Euro Counterfeit Bill Detector ] VIA [ The Red Ferret Journal ]

*Note: OhGizmo! does not condone the use counterfeit bills! Even if these ‘Super fake U.S. dollars’ sound like a sure-fire way to never get caught.


2 responses to “HT CD-100 Euro Counterfeit Bill Detector”

  1. that seems fairly practical, but whats the pricepoint?

  2. sario27 says:

    I could sure use this when I'm making those deals in the alleyway everywhere Wednesday and Thursday night.