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Brother Unveils AA Batteries That Recharge From Shaking

Brother Unveils AA Batteries That Recharge From Shaking

By Chris Scott Barr

Last week we showed you a review of some AA batteries that could be recharged by using a USB port on your computer. While it’s great to not need a special charger for your batteries, wouldn’t it be great if they could recharge themselves without being hooked up to another power source? That’s exactly what Brother is trying to do with these Vibration-Powered Generating Batteries.

Essentially the technology inside these batteries is similar to the flashlights that can be powered by shaking them. Since both the battery and generator are both packed into a AA-sized enclosure, the output is very minimal. Currently they can only produce around 100mW of unsustained power. While that may not seem like much, it would be perfect for TV remotes, which generally use less than 100mW. This could mean having a remote that never needs the batteries changed. I’m down with that.

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