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Win A Pair Of Coloud NHL Headphones!

Win A Pair Of Coloud NHL Headphones!

By Chris Scott Barr

Remember when we gave away a pair of Marvel headphones from Coloud a little while ago? Well we’ve got another pair from them to give out, only this time you get to select from one of four NHL teams. Your choices are: Chicago Blackhawks, Boston Bruins, Detroit Redwings, or the New York Rangers. If you’re in the US, just drop a comment and I’ll select a winner at random next Friday. Good luck!

[ Coloud ]

  • cdsfire

    I can hear Zombie Nation pumping through my Red Wing headphones already!

  • Danielle Louise Painting

    These are fantastic! I was really gutted to miss the marvel headphone oppertunity! But these look great
    BOSTON BRUINS all the way!

  • Jaycee aus dem Atomlabor

    Well I´m from germany but i prefere the Detroid Redwings !

  • bryanvangelder


  • gobluejd

    RED WINGS BABY!!!!!!

  • oddismygod

    they're all pretty cool.

  • BankaiGod

    AHHH! SWEET! Red Wings Look NICE!

  • BankaiGod

    AHHH! SWEET!! Red Wings look NICE!

  • taylorbri

    Go Blackhawks! Love the free stuff, thanks!

  • Kevin Jennings

    … and STOP! Yes, CHITOWN! Gimmie dem Hawks!

  • Cory Martin

    Awesome! Go B's!

  • Cory Martin

    Awesome! Go B's!

  • x24


  • jason

    Ya gotta earn you Red Wings!

  • Chad D

    Can I get the Rangers headphones, and smash them? Go Flyers!!

  • Richard Kraft

    Blackhawks please

  • youwontwritenow

    New York Rangers yess!

  • rmsiceberg

    Detroit Redwings pretty please with a cherry on top

  • BankaiGod

    Hey Whats that on your Ears!? There my…..RED WINGS!!!

  • KoralTopaz


  • EmtPete

    Go… Blackhawks!!!!

  • perfectfire

    comment dropped

  • Nick

    Me me me me. . . please!! Fingers Crossed!!

  • Quan Minh Tu

    honestly i just like the redwings b/c it remind me of hermes the messenger. like delivering me some NICE SOUNDS

  • Austinkir

    Boston Bruins….that one looks the coolest. You should know I'm not into sports.

  • jeffjakubowski

    how do you not pick the RED WINGS????!?!?!?

    hell yeeeeeah!

  • ddd13

    Blackhawk me!!!

    2010 Champs!!!!!

  • Juggy Sidhu

    Red Wings! (:

  • Santiago Kalinowski

    I have a Headphone fetish.

  • Johnnymac4242

    From Chicagoland. Would love a set of Blackhawks phones.

  • kanyeW

    Need it and want it so give it to me

  • Chisel


  • Nikkita Croix

    Hello, I would like the Redwings if I win. Or the Blackhawks, or whatever is left if you have all four and are handing them out to different people. Thank you

  • Loramora

    Sounds good

  • dannyjaylouis


  • mark194


  • miltrucker

    Sweet, got to go with Redwings

  • jcorns

    The Bruins haven't won a Stanley Cup in 2 of my lifetimes…and I'm still a fan…these headphones could be the closest I'll ever get to a big victory out of the B's.

  • ofb2632

    I want one!! Thanx OhGizmo for giving those of us that are cashed strapped a chance to win them!!
    Chicago for me

  • Adam Shegrud

    Oh man there would be no end to the frat boy humor if I won a pair of redwings

  • Neil Autry

    I would like to throw my name in the hat! Thanks!

  • Sam Wilson

    I've waited twenty nine years in the womb for a pair of post-Stanley Cup Blackhawks headphones!

    Commit to the stash!

  • patinahelix

    Awesome Contest. Hawks for me, thanks.

  • Erik Frankhouse

    Redwings with out a doubt. How many other logos can burn rubber with the best and then use their awesome wings to fly? Just one… Redwings!

  • Erik Frankhouse

    Redwings with out a doubt. How many other logos can burn rubber with the best and then use their awesome wings to fly? Just one… Redwings!

  • Ranjan Abraham

    i just realized my high school stole the logo for a national sports team

  • echezeaux

    Detroit Redwings!

  • Trevor Alder

    These are pretty. I want one.

  • sario27

    I'd love to have a New Jersey Devils one.. Considering they have been my favorite team since I was little kid. I love Martin Brodeur and giving me my favorite number Scott Niedermayer number 27. Seeing though one isn't pictured I suppose Red Wings one would be a good gift to have.

  • Lianne Salvador

    I'm from HAWAii:) Im going for Redwings