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C.H. Hanson Precision Ball Level Takes Its Cues From Aviation Instrumentation

C.H. Hanson Precision Ball Level (Images courtesy C.H. Hanson & Uncrate)
By Andrew Liszewski

This is one of those times when you never thought a product needed an update, until you see a better version. I mean I never had much difficulty using a level before, but from this day on I’ll feel the need to whine and complain whenever I’m forced to look at a bubble, instead of the cool floating two-tone ball used in this Precision Ball Level from C.H. Hanson. Not only is it easier to ‘read’ but the ball, which was inspired by avionics, also allows you to measure the angle of a non-level surface at a glance. It can even be used to level 2 different directions at the same time thanks to a red dot on the top of the ball and a cross-hair marking on its housing. Get it from Lowes (that’s where the C.H. Hanson site links to) for just $19.98.

[ C.H. Hanson Precision Ball Level ] VIA [ Uncrate ]

  • Emory Stagmer

    Way cool 'ball' level! If I'd have known about this ystrday I'd have bought one when i was at Lowe's last night!