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Pinel & Pinel Luxury Arcade Cabinet

Pinel & Pinel Luxury Arcade Cabinet

Pinel & Pinel Luxury Arcade 80's Cabinet (Image courtesy Pinel & Pinel)
By Andrew Liszewski

Every week there seems to be a clever new design for a classic gaming arcade cabinet popping up online, but you know what they’ve all been missing? Options like a chromium-plated dashboard and calf or crocodile skin finishes, like this Arcade 80’s Trunk from Pinel & Pinel. It also has a 1080P LCD display, a “very high definition sound system” and even an iPhone/iPod dock, but it apparently only includes about 60 retro titles like PacMan, Space Invaders and 1942. Hopefully that limited collection can be expanded though via a bit of hackery since the fact that there’s no price listed means it probably costs a small fortune.

[ Pinel & Pinel’s Luxury Arcade 80’s Trunk ] VIA [ Wired GameLife ]


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