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PAY & SIT Private Park Bench

PAY & SIT Private Park Bench

PAY & SIT Private Park Bench (Image courtesy Fabian Brunsing)
By Andrew Liszewski

People don’t seem to mind paying a few bucks to use a public toilet, so designer Fabian Brunsing figured the same idea would fly when applied to a park bench. The idea is pretty simple, just insert 0.50 Euros and a rather unpleasant looking set of spikes retract providing a comfortable place to sit. I just hope there’s some kind of audible timer or warning for when your funds are about to run out.

Update: So with my MacBook unmuted it turns out there is indeed a warning alarm in that video. Thanks ‘relawson’.

[ Vimeo – PAY & SIT: the private bench ] VIA [ Neatorama ]


11 responses to “PAY & SIT Private Park Bench”

  1. relawson says:

    well, yes, there is a warning alarm. in the video. that you posted.


  2. Maha says:

    Fakir's not need to pay.

  3. Liganic says:

    How about spending the money and build three additional benches instead of one expensive, electric one?

  4. esarphie says:

    Um… I think this is sexist and discriminatory.

    Since all men eventually learn from the whole leaving the toilet seat up thing that women are apparently incapable of actually looking at what they sit on before they sit, we know that this device is designed to torture women with spikes in their backsides.

    I find it reprehensible and am considering a gender-reassignment procedure so I can sue.

  5. Salim says:

    I wouldn't pay to sit. but it's a park bench so I would do what I always do, sit on the backrest with my feet on the seat, it I take my shoes off I can use the spikes to give my feet a nice massage. πŸ™‚

  6. Franco1975 says:

    I tried liking this comment but it wont like it
    [anyone knows how to like comments?]

  7. Nikkita Croix says:

    Cool, a tax on your seat and spikes that don't retract all the way, just what we need. I'd be with Salim, but they'll just put spikes there too. Vandalism is the only way, smash the box after paying so there is no power to raise the spikes back up.

  8. KingOfCrank says:

    The only thing worse than bums sleeping on all the benches is this horendous thing.

  9. This is roughly the worst idea on God's green earth.

  10. This is roughly the worst idea on God's green earth.