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Mailbox Sentry Lets You Know When Your Snail Mail Has Arrived

By Chris Scott Barr

Have you ever wished that you could be notified when your snail mail arrives? In the age of instant email notifications, the hit-or-miss nature of checking your postal mail can be an annoyance. Even more so if your mailbox is located a great distance from your door. Nothing is more annoying than walking five minutes, only to not find a single letter. Did the mailman come yet, or was there just nothing for you today?

Well now you can solve this age-old problem with a gadget from Thanko. Just pop the Mailbox Sentry into your mailbox, and set the receiver in your house. When a piece of mail goes into your box, you’ll get a notification. The device works up to 100m away, so distance won’t be an issue. $95 is a lot of money to spend to let you know that you have bills waiting for you.

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