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Goony Accessory Tray Is Exactly What You Make Of It

Goony Accessory Tray (Images courtesy Cocoa Interior Zakka)
By Andrew Liszewski

I can’t tell you what exactly the Goony is or does, because that’s completely up to you, but I can tell you it’s basically a set of stainless steel bendable wires covered in a soft, plyable silicon material that ends up forming a sort of base with five fingers sticking out on either side. Suggested applications include everything from a wallet tray to a business card holder, but with enough manipulation I think it could serve as a decent iPhone stand, or even an iPad stand were it strong enough. It’s available from a Japanese site called Cocoa Interior Zakka (I think) for around $20 (1800 yen) in green, pink, yellow, white and black.

[ Goony Accessory Tray ] VIA [ Design Blog :: SPGRA ]

  • Zotel

    Oh yay, hair curlers glued together…