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Black Badger Advanced Composites Coasters Made From Titanium And Carbon Fiber

Black Badger Advanced Composites Coasters (Image courtesy Yanko Design)
By Andrew Liszewski

If you’re really worried about someone’s beverage leaving a wet ring on your coffee table, and I mean really worried, these titanium and carbon fiber coasters are probably your best solution to the problem. They’re also going to be remarkably light, and they look pretty slick, which totally justifies their $250 price tag. And that’s $250 each. Of course if you want a full set you’re going to have to act fast since they’re only being produced in a limited run of 35 pieces from Black Badger.

[ Yanko Design – Two Hundred and Fifty Dollar Coasters ] VIA [ SlashGear ]

  • Zotel

    35? At least make it a few hundred for that mass market rich person appeal.

  • michael

    The Yanko Design Website that the price is $250 for a pair not each. Not that it makes much difference.