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iPort Wall Mounts Integrate The iPod Touch & iPad Into Your Home Automation System

iPort CM-IW100T (Image courtesy iPort)
By Andrew Liszewski

It seems pointless to go out and buy a proprietary home automation system when Apple already sells what is essentially an ideal touchscreen interface with the iPod Touch and the iPad. So that’s why iPort has created these in-wall mounts that lets you use either device, via various apps, to control your home’s AV gear, lighting, home automation and even wirelessly stream audio to wherever they’re installed.

A built-in dock connector provides access to either device’s line level audio output and also provides constant power so they never need to recharged while docked. And in case you were wondering, once installed your iPod or iPad isn’t trapped forever since the front faceplate of the mount is held on magnetically providing easy access. The CM-IW100T pictured above sells for around $250 while the larger iPad-compatible ‘2000T’ is $499.

[ iPort CM-IW100T ] VIA [ Electronic House ]