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Water Wars Is A Brilliant Use For Hydrochromatic Inks

Water Wars Is A Brilliant Use For Hydrochromatic Inks

Water Wars (Images courtesy SUCK UK)
By Andrew Liszewski

We’ve brought you products that use hydrochromatic inks before, namely umbrellas that turn color in the rain, but they just seem like a way to show off the technology instead of putting it to a good use. Not so with this Water Wars set from SUCK UK. It’s kind of like playing paintball, but with water guns instead of paintball guns so you don’t wake up the next morning covered in bruises. The Water Wars set comes with two water guns and two vests featuring a hydrochromatic target on the chest that turns red when it’s hit. Once the target turns completely red on your vest, you’ve lost. It’s still listed as coming soon from SUCK UK so there’s no pricing info just yet, but hopefully it becomes available before the Summer’s out.

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One response to “Water Wars Is A Brilliant Use For Hydrochromatic Inks”

  1. Tim Gough says:

    There is a Japanese TV show that on occasion has had three guys try to storm a base without getting “shot”. They wear square, white pads on front and back that when hit by water gain colour. Everyone is armed with water pistols and there are always quite a few defenders. The aim is for one of the three to shoot the flag in the base, which also gains colour if wet. Even ?ackie Chan played it when he was here. πŸ™‚

    Sounds like this is the same thing.