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Burger King Introduces A ‘Musical Shower’ Booth At Their New Restaurant In Tokyo

Burger King Introduces A ‘Musical Shower’ Booth At Their New Restaurant In Tokyo

Burger King's Musical Shower Booth (Images courtesy Walkerplus)
By Andrew Liszewski

Apparently the American fast food giants haven’t had the best of luck in Japan, but after withdrawing from the market a while ago, Burger King is back with a new ‘upscale’ joint in Tokyo that also introduces their first ‘Musical Shower’ booth. Instead of a jukebox you’ll find an iPod/iPhone dock embedded in the wall that let’s you play your own music as loud as you want it. But what makes the system particularly neat is the use of a special speaker/reflector hanging above the table which pretty much ensures that only the people sitting in the booth can hear the music being played. Hopefully Burger King will start installing these special booths at other locations because it seems like a fantastic idea, and if it catches on maybe restaurants I’d actually be willing to eat at will install them too!

[ Walkerplus – (Translated) Burger King’s first musical shower seat ] VIA [ Japan Trends ]

  • Hellboi

    And the best thing about it, is how we all have apple pod products… oh, wait a minute, no I don't!


  • Neal

    In an American Burger King, this will be vandalized within minutes.

  • LeftyX

    It looks like a Brown Innovations Sound Dome:

  • xBenji65

    Does it work?

  • Faeeza Faruq

    They have those at Orange Cup.

  • Mac Hoe

    Too bad the dock is not compatible with the iPad.. 🙁