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Surprisingly Detailed Concrete Sofa  – The Future Of Park Benches?

Surprisingly Detailed Concrete Sofa – The Future Of Park Benches?

Concrete Sofa (Image courtesy Design Milk)
By Andrew Liszewski

While this chesterfield sofa might look like it’s made from a bland gray leather, believe it or not it’s actually made from concrete. It was created by a UK-based company called Gray Concrete, appropriately enough, for the 100% Design exhibition in London, and the incredible amount of detail in it was captured using the company’s special molding techniques. Not only does it look like it’s made from actual leather, but they went the extra mile by ensuring the cushions have ‘bum prints’ and you’ll even find a concrete fifty pence coin stuck behind one of them. Now obviously the piece was created to show just how versatile concrete can be, but I think you could really class up a city by replacing its traditional park benches with durable, concrete reproductions of famous pieces of furniture.

[ Design Milk – Concrete Chesterfield Sofa by Gray Concrete ]

  • Franco1975

    I love this but maybe on some private property. Too expensive for a public park where it will be vandalised.

  • msisaac

    That could be dangerous. I can see somebody plopping down on this, thinking it's some comfy plush seat, but instead they break their coccyx.

  • Franco1975

    That's so true.

  • Sectional Sofas

    Based on the looks, that sofa is pretty good on outdoors.

  • mark rushworth

    WOW thats great. I saw some in our local park last winter that had been carved from ice, i know theres a cardboard chesterfield you can buy flatpack which is pretty nifty and ive also seen inflatable chesterfield sofas for sale (theyre not cheap) – looks like this type of sofa is having a resurgence.

  • SEO Chester

    Hey that sofa looks comfy! its just not positioned very well, rather cold out there I'd say!

  • vietnamvisa

    I really like having a sofa on my living room, it looks model and I can lie on it to sleep 🙂 But if using sofa for a public park? No way, it’s impossible.