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Japan Now Has Banana Vending Machines

Japan Now Has Banana Vending Machines

Dole Banana Vending Machine (Image courtesy Shibuya Keisai)
By Andrew Liszewski

While North Americans rely on vending machines mostly for beverage distribution, in Japan it seems you can get almost anything from them, including fresh bananas now thanks to Dole’s new machine which is installed in an underground connection at the Shibuya subway station. Apparently the vending machine sold out on its first day, which is kind of vital since once those bananas start to brown I don’t think anyone will be that interested in opting for the healthy snack option. Particularly when a single banana is about $1.50 (130 yen) and a bunch of five or six is almost $4.50. (390 yen)

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One response to “Japan Now Has Banana Vending Machines”

  1. Franco1975 says:

    $1.50 is actually considered cheap there. A normal size apple or orange is about $1 too. Fruit and veg are expensive which is why the govt suspects that that is why there is a high colon cancer rate in Japan.