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Chase Lets Users Deposit Checks Via Their iPhone

Chase Lets Users Deposit Checks Via Their iPhone

By Chris Scott Barr

Last year we told you that USAA was allowing some customers to deposit checks via their iPhone. This was a really awesome idea that would surely catch on quickly with other banks. After nearly 11 months, Chase is now only the second bank to offer such a service. However, since they are a much larger bank, others will no doubt feel pressured to release their own apps.

The app is simply an update to their existing iPhone app. To scan a check, you need only select the appropriate menu item, and take pics of the front and back of the check. Enter the amount, and you’re on your way. The only thing easier than using this app is not using checks at all. Seriously, these things need to die. Oh, and if you’re one of those people that still writes checks at the grocery store, stop that. You’re holding up the line.

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