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Win A Pair Of Coloud Marvel Comics Headphones!

Win A Pair Of Coloud Marvel Comics Headphones!

By Chris Scott Barr

It’s Friday, and it feels like a great day to give something away. This week we have a pair of Coloud Headphones up for grabs. These aren’t just any headphones though, they are decorated with your favorite Marvel characters. The winner gets their choice of The Hulk, Punisher, X-Men or Iron Man on their prize.

If you’re located here in the US, all you need to do is drop a comment below letting us know which pair you’d like to receive, and why that character (or in the case of the X-Men, team) is more awesome than the others. I’ll pick one winner next Friday. Good luck!

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74 responses to “Win A Pair Of Coloud Marvel Comics Headphones!”

  1. joeythenifty says:

    I would love to win the Hulk pair, because the Hulk's superpower is getting so pissed off that he can destroy anything, which is also my superpower.

  2. Iron Man… why? Easy, I am Tony Stark and I have textbook narcissism. Getting sick of listening to Jarvis, so gotta drown him out somehow right? I mean I keep getting into trouble trying to do that with booze.

  3. akjack says:

    I will marvel at winning these earphones. (Sure it's a lame comment, but it could win.)

  4. kolbenson says:

    X-Men!!! I want to give these to my son… We just did an x-men movie marathon this psat weekend where he saw them for the first time. He always watches marvel supersquad so showed him the movies and this would be the best gift for X-Men's newest fan

  5. bebe211 says:

    The Hulk – i'm superficial, i like the green and black coloring, especially the green wire.

  6. chilepepper says:

    The Hulk is the best, because deep down we all want to be a superhero. Why does that make the Hulk the best? You can't become an Xmen unless you're born with a genetic mutation. Iron Man just has too much money, mostly inherited. The Punisher glorifies loosing ones family and ignoring civilized society in favor of revenge driven vigilante justice. The Hulk, though, was just a guy who did well in school and became a scientist. That's a goal that's both attainable AND a positive role in the betterment of human existence. Plus that color scheme makes the headphones look sick.

  7. x-men totaly out shine the rich boy trying to make a name for himself named Ironman, mand bent on revenge punisher. and the big green muscle idiot hulk. x-men are a example of great team work and over coming diversity and being hunted. and they would match all my x-men t-shirts i own

  8. GreyHeart says:

    Hulk pair! Besides the awesome power of pure brute strength that exudes from the raging Dr. Banner, he was first introduced to the public before the rest of characters. We all feel that anger at one point or another and deep desire to “SMASH” all that is in our way. BUT and most importantly, is that seismic I see in the background?!? Fits perfectly with being a Geophysicist and breaking rock πŸ˜›

  9. GreyHeart says:

    Hulk pair! Besides the awesome power of pure brute strength that exudes from the raging Dr. Banner, he was first introduced to the public before the rest of characters. We all feel that anger at one point or another and deep desire to “SMASH” all that is in our way. BUT and most importantly, is that seismic I see in the background?!? Fits perfectly with being a Geophysicist and breaking rock πŸ˜›

  10. GreyHeart says:

    Hulk pair! Besides the awesome power of pure brute strength that exudes from the raging Dr. Banner, he was first introduced to the public before the rest of characters. We all feel that anger at one point or another and deep desire to “SMASH” all that is in our way. BUT and most importantly, is that seismic I see in the background?!? Fits perfectly with being a Geophysicist and breaking rock πŸ˜›

  11. esteban5534 says:

    HULK!!! He could kill any of these superheros. I mean he survived a nucular blast, any mortal superhero you know can do that? I didn't think so. Hulk SMASH!!!

  12. esteban5534 says:

    Im HULK, wanna fight about it!!?

  13. tbj5 says:

    Iron Man. Hands down. Because those hands happen to be wearing repulsor gloves.

  14. Sangfroid says:

    The Hulk Is the strongest!! and Bruce Banner one of the eight smartest men on Marvel's Earth. So Hulk I choose you!!!

  15. conedude13 says:

    hmmm, this is a tough one. it would be easier if the Juggernaut was one of the choices, because then the reason would be “BECAUSE HE'S THE JUGGERNAUT, B***H!!”

    but he isn't there, so i'll go with my second choice: Punisher. Reason being he's bad ass. Oh, and don't watch any of the movies based on him. πŸ˜›

  16. bryanvangelder says:

    X-men, because adamantium brings out the color in my eyes

  17. techg33k says:

    No question, the Punisher is just a bad ass. He does what it takes to get the job done, that's how it should be.

  18. x24 says:

    Punisher! The logo is awesome just by itself.

  19. Thorin_Blade says:

    Iron Man – because he's the all-around MVP of superheros. Brilliant, technical, and great in a fight. What more could you ask for?

  20. relawson says:

    Iron Man!

    hello? he has killer gadgets???!! πŸ™‚

  21. srisinger says:

    The Punisher is seriously one of the most serious, no kidding heroes around!

  22. 824gaby824 says:

    The Punisher! Why? cuz it's icon looks awesomely cool.

  23. jason says:

    The Punisher, just a disgruntled, pissed off, ill-tempered, every day Joe vigilante. Kind of like “Falling Down”. Some of us just wish we could do some of that stuff. They are all good, but the Punisher fits my Dr. Jeykll and Mr. Hyde Fantsy, lol. Viva El Marvel!

  24. yates522 says:

    I would say, Iron Man hands down. Because most of us at any time in our lives have dreamed about being a super hero. And all but the punisher arent possible and he most of the time is acting on revenge instead of justice. So Iron Man is my choice!

  25. bokor says:

    PUNISHER… punish her… don't punish me, I need these!

  26. bokor says:

    PUNISHER… punish her, don't punish me, I need these!

  27. sacosan says:

    My ears would marvel at any of these….

  28. Johnnymac4242 says:

    Well, because I am not a true man, I care about the aesthetics of things. For me, I like both the Punisher and Hulk headphones. I would have to go with the Hulk ones being the most eye catching, but the Punisher ones being the most pleasing to the eyes. The character himself isn't quite so pleasant to the eyes, but such is life.

  29. darkpbj says:

    X-Men is the clear winner here πŸ™‚

  30. rmsiceberg says:

    X-Men! I love the colors and of course I love the good ole' x-men, even thought when I wasn't sure about who would I pick since i'm a complete marvel fan πŸ™‚

  31. ddd13 says:

    Delete please.

  32. Tim Dressler says:

    Hulk because the more pissed off he becomes the more ass kicking he delivers. Plus in a comic he ripped wolverine in half and if thats just not total badass i dont know what is.

  33. bbxl says:

    Iron Man. He's a geek, just like me. Sort of the higher-tech, hack-it-yourself-instead-of-buying-it Batman/Bruce Wayne.

  34. See I am a BIG Marvel fan from way back so I would love any of these. BUT since I have to pick one I have to go with X-MEN RETRO SPECS. It covers them all.

  35. Quan Minh Tu says:

    They are all great but the punisher can take any of the others out. He stalks and finds weaknesses of his target and without any special abilities he basically the bad ass side of any of us.

  36. jonnichols says:

    I would LOVE a pair of the Punisher headphones. Those things just look completely wicked with the Punisher logo on them.

  37. goverland says:

    Punisher, superpowers are for wimps

  38. jeffrayray says:

    Hulk headphones please! Hulk smash, and evidently, Hulk rock. Hulk is the most awesome character here because every Chuck Norris joke was inspired by the Hulk.

  39. Chisel says:

    While the Punisher is my favorite character of the group, and that would be my choice of headphones, I think Hulk wins in overall awesomeness, as he's almost a double hero : brute strength and a genius intellect, just not at the same time

  40. Chisel says:

    While the Punisher headphones are what I would choose as a prize, I think the Hulk wins on pure awesome. He's almost two heroes, brute strength on one side, genius intellect on the other. A classic character study.

  41. I would love to win the HULK. I love all things green!

  42. ddd13 says:

    Would love the Punisher ones. Frank Castle rules the Marvel Universe!

  43. Zotel says:

    Punisher – He's the only one that you could actually aspire to be in real life… too bad about the whole prison/untimely death but hey…

  44. Iron man! Who doesn't love a playboy like Tony Stark? But most importantly I want to win them for my man who worship's the ground Tony hovers above. Ironman has always been a bonding point between the two of us.

  45. chadmd23 says:

    The Punisher. He doesn't need any super powers to kick ass!

  46. Hulk Smash now take headphones.

  47. X-Men!! I'd love the X-Men one.

  48. X-Men!! I'd love the X-Men one.

  49. X-Men!! I'd love the X-Men one.

  50. dannyjaylouis says:

    Wolverine. I'm not currently in the US, but I have an address there, is that cool?

  51. Daniel Olmos says:

    The Punisher. Just because he will punish you…

  52. Thomas Avila says:

    Sweet, punisher please… I've always liked the punisher more than the rest, whoo vigilante justice whoo…dammit Esteban the hulk was dosed with gamma radiation, where are u getting the nuclear blast thing? I would say I'd prefer the iron man edition but I AM Iron man so whatever…

  53. Monty Ongkeo says:

    X-Men Retro FTW!!

    The X-Men are a team, thats why they are all awesome. Whatever any of the individual headphone characters got, The Retro's got more.

  54. definitely hulk. for the following reasons:
    1. HULK SMASH!!
    2. actually, that's it

  55. I'd take the Frank Castle ones.

    Why?, you ask.

    Because in certain extreme situations, the law is inadequate. In order to shame its inadequacy, it is necessary to act outside the law. To pursue… natural justice. This is not vengeance. Revenge is not a valid motive, it's an emotional response. No, not vengeance. Punishment.

  56. Dj Dudley D says:

    HULK. every nerd has a inner hulk.

    Ill need these ASAP so I can bring them to Iraq with me in 2 weeks.

    Maybe I can find my inner hulk and improvise a exit strategy.

  57. echezeaux says:

    Punisher because he's the only one with some semblance of reality and he's got that whole tortured angst thing going on.

  58. Totally the X-Men, they're freaking awesome. They are a team and always have been, they are all different and are complete Classics! Plus it's easy for me to relate to them, being discriminated for being different my whole life is what has made me stronger!

  59. Reason the xmen are more awesome is because if one of their own is in trouble they can always count on the others to help them might not be too strong separate but together they are unstoppable

  60. Punisher headphones plz πŸ˜‰

  61. Chuck Rohrig says:

    Iron Man would be my pick since I was inspired to grow a Tony Stark goatee, first goatee I've kept longer than a week, in January in anticipation of the sequel. It has gone over (surprisingly) well at work, where very few sport any facial hair.

  62. Franco1975 says:

    Ill take the wonder woman one…oh wait there isnt a wonder woman one…..oh wait Im not even in the US…nevermind…:(

  63. darkmoofya says:

    Punisher is the best…he has lotso guns.

  64. Adam Shegrud says:

    Id go with Punisher purely on looks

  65. sario27 says:

    Punisher because the movie was cool and well the headphones would be awesome too

  66. Nikkita Croix says:

    Hi I like headphones, I hope the random number is me.

  67. Scott Smith says:

    I'd like the Hulk ones. Mostly because I also like to smash stuff, the punier the better.

  68. TongBlack says:

    I would like the Punisher headphones the best – I just always liked the Punisher because he has all the sweet gadgets and guns

  69. JakeBacon says:

    The Hulk! Because he totally matches my desktop.

  70. Lets be honest no matter what is said. What is done. The clap of the HULK with deafen the strongest of foes. So that must equate to some rocken loud headphones.

  71. Christian says:

    the hulk cuz lets face it hes green (the best color ever) and strong no one can touch him without getting hurt. bad!!!

  72. Ravenzfire says:

    The Iron Man headphones are awesome for sure. Let's face it, the fact the we even have these to begin with is great but if I had a choice, I would rock the Iron Man phones without a doubt.