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REFLECT Showerhead Solves The Problem Of Fogging Mirrors, But It Will Cost You

REFLECT Showerhead (Image courtesy Reflect Shower LLC)
By Andrew Liszewski

Here’s a nice low-tech solution to a problem that may have been keeping you from fulfilling your dreams of shaving in the shower. The REFLECT Showerhead is itself a mirror, and is heated from the inside by the hot water flowing through it, so water droplets won’t condense on its surface. Hence, no fogging. It’s won a handful of design and innovation awards, deservedly so, but when it becomes available mid-July it will sell for $295 which is pretty expensive for a showerhead that’s lacking a built-in waterproof radio.

[ REFLECT Showerhead ] VIA [ Cool Hunting ]

  • Sandy

    It's too costly but may be man need this more that's why it's get that price tag.

  • msisaac

    $300 for a shiny showerhead?! Tell you what, you give me $300 and I'll shine your existing showerhead with some Brasso and steel wool.