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Time Of The Sky Watch Stresses Style Over Punctuality

Time Of The Sky Watch Stresses Style Over Punctuality

Time Of The Sky Watch (Images courtesy Ryohei Yoshiyuki)
By Andrew Liszewski

If wearing a watch is more of a style choice for you, than a means to ensure you arrive somewhere on time, then the vagueness of Ryohei Yoshiyuki and Tomoya Kahimada’s ‘Time Of The Day’ watch would make it a perfect accessory. Instead of hands or even a digital display, the watch’s face changes colors, roughly reflecting what the sky would look like through a 24 hour period were there no cloud cover. Pushing a button on the side of the case also causes the sun or the moon to appear, providing extra clues about what time of day it is. And on a more philosophical level, the watch also serves as a reminder to take a few seconds to look up at the real sky throughout your busy day.

[ Ryohei Yoshiyuki’s Time Of The Sky Watch ] VIA [ designboom ]


3 responses to “Time Of The Sky Watch Stresses Style Over Punctuality”

  1. disbatteries says:

    good things,it looks very beautiful and useful.

  2. msisaac says:

    I get the whole art concept thing here, but really, can't they design something smaller than a cigar box? It looks like I could carry my lunches in that thing.

  3. seo India says:

    Very nice Sky Watch The new Style Statement.