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LimbGear iHood Provides Slightly Easier Access To iPod Controls

LimbGear iHood Provides Slightly Easier Access To iPod Controls

LimbGear iHood Interactive Hoodie (Images courtesy LimbGear)
By Andrew Liszewski

If there were ever two companies that should consider a merger, it would be the makers of these LimbGear iHood hoodies which incorporate iPod playback controls into the sleeve, and the makers of the HoodieBuddie we brought you last week, which replaced the hood’s drawstring with a functional pair of earbuds. The result would be the ultimate iPod-friendly hoodie, though probably quite expensive. The HoodieBuddie sold for $44 which isn’t that bad, but the LimbGear hoodie is $69. And in order for it to actually work you also have to buy the company’s PANiQ controller which is an additional $24.95. It’s kind of odd that it’s not included with the iHood since the gimmick is unusable without it, so I’m assuming it’s just a lame attempt to lessen the sticker shock, which brings the hoodie’s price tag to almost $100.

[ LimbGear iHood Interactive Hoodie ] VIA [ ChipChick ]

  • Grodon Gekkoh

    Hi Andrew. I thought it appropriate to point out that your analysis is flawed.

    The sweatshirt is washable and durable and wired for many mobile devices. The adapter is technology-specific so that you can enable the apparel for iPod, Blackberry or other mobile devices. The reason the apparel is sold independent of the adapter is so you can enable a specific technology. And you can use the adapter with multiple LimbGear garments reducing the overall investment, as well.

    Currently the LG management team is diligently working to improve the products and business to make more customers happy.

    Thanks for your attention!