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Diet Scale Suggests What You Should Eat Instead Of Telling You What You Weigh

Diet Scale (Image courtesy Ji Lee)
By Andrew Liszewski

The Diet Scale was designed by Ji Lee a few years ago while he was a student, and the idea is pretty simple. Instead of showing you your weight, it makes a suggestion on what you should eat depending on what the results are. Now I assume the scale has to be calibrated to what you consider to be your ideal weight for it to make a useful suggestion that will help you reach that target, though I can’t imagine seeing ‘one piece of lettuce’ every morning would be that encouraging for someone trying to shed a few pounds.

Ji Lee now works as a Creative Director at Google Creative Lab, but since interest in the Diet Scale has been building again in the past few months, he’s started looking for a manufacturer who’s willing to turn it into a sellable product.

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  • Christina Marie

    I like it.

  • kidney stones diet

    This a great concept…especially for those that need encouragement or advice on what to eat. I'm sure over time it could be developed to be a really helpful aid.