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B100 Retro Case For Your Blackberry

B100 Retro Case For Your Blackberry

Blackberry B100 Case (Image courtesy Freedom of Creation)
By Andrew Liszewski

Cellphone design has come a long way in the past 25+ years, but if we forget those past models, we’re doomed to repeat them. Now I have no idea if that’s what Peter Hermans had in mind when he designed this Blackberry Bold 9700 case for a competition by Freedom Of Creation and accessories maker Freshfiber, but the results were good enough to be selected as one of the four finalists that “will be further developed for commercialization.” And yes, the plastic antenna does retract, but no, it’s not functional, it’s simply there for retro charm.

[ Freedom Of Creation – Preview of Blackberry Case Designs by Talents ] VIA [ MoCo Loco ]


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