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Recyclograph Is The Best Use For Old CDs I’ve Seen Yet

Recyclograph Is The Best Use For Old CDs I’ve Seen Yet

Recyclograph (Image courtesy Ari Krupnik)
By Andrew Liszewski

I haven’t gotten an AOL CD-ROM in the mail for a few years now, but I know there’s a couple of binders full of plastic discs sitting on my shelf that could be put to better use. And what better use is there than using a ShopBot CNC router to turn them into spirograph discs? That’s exactly what Ari Krupnik is doing, and he sells the sets on his site, for whatever you feel they’re worth.

I want you to tell me how much a recycled CD set is worth to you. You may enter any price in the text box above, and I agree to mail you a set at this price. I add $5.50 to this price for S&H.

While I’d like to say that you’ll be helping the environment by ordering a set of the recycled discs, I think it’s more a case of ‘re-using’ instead of ‘recycling’ since I’m sure the milling process results in a small bit of scrap plastic that gets discarded. But 1 out of 3 R’s isn’t too shabby. And if you’ve got kids, a set of these will also end up being an easy way to redecorate your fridge, whether you want to or not.

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2 responses to “Recyclograph Is The Best Use For Old CDs I’ve Seen Yet”

  1. Zotel says:

    If only they made a complete set of art tools with it…

  2. Recycled CD can be used as a personalized gift or even a room display for your home.