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HoodieBuddie Provides A Cure For Tangled Earbuds

HoodieBuddie Provides A Cure For Tangled Earbuds

HoodieBuddie (Image courtesy CrunchGear)
By Andrew Liszewski

Tired of either having to untangle a wad of headphones or carefully wrap them in a holder before and after you’ve used them? Someone certainly was, and it led to the creation of the HoodieBuddie (I’m not your HoodieBuddie, HoodieGuy! I’m not your HoodieGuy, HoodieFriend! etc.) which incorporates a pair of earbuds into the hood’s drawstrings. They’re not removable but are completely machine washable (the first question on everyone’s mind) which means you don’t have to thread your own pair in, but on the downside it also means you can’t use your own earbuds with it. And the headphone’s jack is hidden in a small front pocket where you can also store your MP3 player.

It’s not the perfect solution, where I live the humidity’s been around 180% for the past week, and wearing a hoodie just so you can avoid headphone tangles would result in a heat stroke about 25 feet from your front door. But weather permitting, it’s a clever enough solution. And according to CrunchGear they’ll be available in a variety of colors for just $44 starting on July 1.

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2 responses to “HoodieBuddie Provides A Cure For Tangled Earbuds”

  1. SamQuest says:

    HoodieBuddie is great! I just got mine in the mail and the earbuds are legit. I love not having to untangle my headphones every time I want to use them!

  2. thatwoman says: came up with the best solution for tangled earbuds!
    It even is an iPhone stand.